Probate Settlement

Has a loved one passed on without leaving a will? Administration of a deceased person's estate to relatives can be tragic without a will explaining how the estate is to be administered. The only solution for this type of problem is determined by the state in the process of probate.

There are many matters to consider during probate such as determining the assets of the deceased, assigning administrators to carry out functions, dividing wealth in a fair manner, tax filing, litigating disputes, protecting a beneficiary's rights, and so on.

Settling an estate in probate court is very complicated and costly to the estate itself. It may take years to settle an estate and sometimes with undesirable results to the beneficiaries and creditors involved in the settlement.

If you are a party to a probate settlement you should be represented by an experienced attorney who knows how to protect your rights as a beneficiary. Without proper representation, a probate court judge may not understand your rights to a fair settlement.

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